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The Significance of Mother’s Day

The Significance of Mother’s Day

It’s hard to believe that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. At Shepherd’s House Ministries, celebrating motherhood represents a special moment in the year. It is much more than gifts, cards, and flowers.

For the mom’s in our Women and Children’s Center Program, Mother’s Day is a day of deep significance, as many are able to celebrate for the first time a new-found capacity to be the mom they have dreamed of being.

For these special women, it is about the simple things, the things that are easily taken for granted. A roof overhead, a place of safety, away from the dangers of the streets, and a place to heal from addictions, abuse, and trauma are cause to celebrate for these moms.

Because of the support received from people like you, we are able to help many women and children in need. From the financial contributions we receive, we can provide a safe home, daily provisions, counseling, unconditional love, and a chance to heal.

Most importantly, we give these kids a chance to heal alongside their mothers. This is one of the greatest gifts we can give to these moms and their children this Mother’s Day.

Jillian Devine, the Director of our Women and Children’s Center, explains that our program impacts relationships by creating a space that is safe, where boundaries are learned and trust is established. As women come out of a crisis-state of living and into an atmosphere of grace and acceptance, they have the chance to focus on something other than survival.

With the opportunity to feel cared for, these mothers expand their ability to care for themselves and for their children. 

In the safety of grace, the authentic relationships that are built in our Women and Children’s Center, provide deep healing and allow the kind of connection that many of our residents have never experienced before. As trauma and pain are overcome, love begins to pour out and fill in the cracks that make life transformation possible.

At Shepherd’s House Ministries, Mother’s Day represents a deeper opportunity for authentic relationships where moms and their kids heal and grow together.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, would you consider a special gift to help our single, homeless moms and their children? Your gift would ensure a safe place to heal and recover, three nutritious meals a day, as well as the counseling, care, and support these women and children desperately need. Your gift will bring hope and transformation to those who truly need our help.

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