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Impact Stories

Transformation at Juniper Ridge: Hope and Hard Work Lead to Opportunity

Mobile Outreach March 2034 Update By: Tim Ellis – Project SHARE Coordinator For the past six months, the Project SHARE van has been a beacon of hope for a family of five living at Juniper Ridge, just north of Bend. Christopher, Janis, and their three children have called this encampment home for several months. Despite the hardships of their situation, they’ve persevered, supported by the van’s consistent delivery of supplies and dedicated case management. Christopher, who had been struggling with discouragement about his prospects, recently received a life-changing opportunity. Today, I learned that he secured a job. During a meeting with his new supervisor—who visited the camp—I was able to witness a moment of validation for Christopher’s hard work and potential. The supervisor shared that Christopher’s performance has been exemplary despite initial hesitations about employing someone from the homeless community. This job represents more than just employment; it’s a stepping stone toward stability for Christopher and his family. It’s heartening to see their resilience beginning to pay off. As a member of the Project SHARE team, I feel immensely hopeful

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Tapestry of Emotions That is Quintessentially Shepherd’s House

On the 8th of December, the incredible team at Abi’s House, consisting of the dedicated staff members Kacia and Cat, alongside the longstanding volunteer Lisa, embarked on a heartfelt journey from Bend to Albany. Their destination was the home of Kimmy, a cherished individual who holds a special place in the Abi’s House family. Kimmy, a former resident, intern, and staff member at Abi’s House, is currently under palliative care, bravely facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Upon arriving at Kimmy’s residence, they were enveloped in a warm embrace, greeted not only by Kimmy but also by her mother, radiating positivity and cheer. With profound solidarity and love, the group took Kimmy to her favorite eatery, the charming local spot known as BakerzDozen, the only place in Albany to get a burger and a donut. In an outpouring of affection, Kimmy was presented with thoughtful gifts and cards from friends, past residents, and the compassionate staff and volunteers of Abi’s House and Shepherd’s House Ministries. Around a shared meal, they delved into a profound connection, baring their souls to

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🍂🦃 Shepherd’s House Ministries Thanksgiving Food and Winter Clothing Drive! 🍂🦃

As the season of gratitude and giving approaches, Shepherd’s House Ministries is reaching out to our compassionate and generous community for support in ensuring that everyone has a warm and hearty Thanksgiving meal. This year, we are aiming to provide a festive feast to those experiencing homelessness, and we need your help to make it happen! Thanks to your incredible support during our annual winter gear drive last month, all the items collected have been distributed to those in need. However, as the temperatures continue to drop, we are again turning to our community for help, specifically to replenish our supply of winter coats and waterproof gloves.   How You Can Help: Donate Thanksgiving Food: Drop off your non-perishable food items at Shepherd’s House Ministries Donation Center at 1854 NE Division St, Bend, OR, by Saturday, November 18th. Contribute Winter Essentials: Donate gently used winter coats and waterproof gloves to keep our neighbors warm during the chilly months. Spread the Word: Share this message with friends, family, and colleagues to increase awareness and support for our Thanksgiving Food and Winter

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Volunteer Spotlight – “It’s all about building meaningful connections.”

“It’s all about building meaningful connections.” Dart Eastwood is a familiar face at Shepherd’s House Ministries locations, leaving a lasting impression with her distinctive pixy haircut, warm hugs, and relatable stories. Whether interacting with emergency shelter guests, long-term residents, volunteers, or staff, Dart maintains a consistent approach devoid of varying levels of respect or impatience. Her goal is simple: to foster relationships with everyone she encounters. Dart’s involvement extends beyond just one Shepherd’s House Ministries site. She dedicates time to serving meals at the Lighthouse Navigation Center, teaching at Abi’s House Women and Children’s Center, and up to the Grand Opening of the Redmond Center in November, Dart was actively engaged with the cold weather shelter in Redmond for several years. When asked about her extensive involvement, Dart shared her journey, starting with her association with Real Life Church in Bend. Through Bible study, she built connections with residents and staff at the Men’s Center, leading to a transformative friendship that eventually blossomed into marriage. Dart’s commitment to living relationally and her marriage to the Director of Low Barrier Service

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Straight Cut Path

An immigrant from Haiti, Salvador sought new hope and a new life. Came to the United States seeking refuge, only to find himself hopeless and homeless. Over the last season, the Lighthouse staff has been working with Salvador, a gentleman who originally hails from Haiti. He immigrated to the U.S. and initially landed in Orlando, FL, but then moved to Central Oregon in pursuit of new jobs and new opportunities. It’s also worth mentioning that he is a huge Oregon Ducks football team fan. He came to us in the winter months seeking shelter and support acquiring employment. After a short time, we connected him with JBarJ Youth Services, who became interested in him as a peer support for homeless outreach due to his engaging and jovial personality. He is now successfully working full-time in this role, reaching out to people who are in the same position he was just a few short months ago. He enjoys the work, progressing toward housing and eventually becoming a barber. Your continued support of Shepherd’s House makes hopeful stories like Salvador’s possible. Story By: Evan

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Known & Be Known – Volunteer Spotlight

Know and be Known.     As humans, we yearn to be known. Volunteering alongside Shepherd’s House Ministries, Wes feels appreciated and known. That same feeling is mutual for countless others who may not always feel valued as individuals due to their circumstances in our society. “When I’m walking down the street, and I encounter someone [who appears to lack resources], I turn towards them, show them I see them, and offer my name and ask theirs in return.” Accompanied by a warm smile and friendly deminer, showcasing that they matter, are worthy of love, and have love to give, followed by an invitation to the SHM Lighthouse Navigation Center that offers low-barrier services, including a safe place with a meal, community, and connection.     In the past, Wes worked with Union Gospel Mission in Seattle, going out at night and helping provide basic needs for individuals or groups living under bridges or freeways. When he moved to Bend at the beginning of the COVID lockdowns, he knew his options for volunteering were extremely limited. Constantly following local news

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