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Life Change

Life Change


Life change begins with the basics for the underserved in our community. Every man, woman, and child receives three meals each day, as well as warm clothing, a warm shower, and basic hygiene items.

Shepherd’s House Ministries provides over 100,000 meals and over 12,000 nights of shelter each year as well as other services including hot showers, clothing, and medical care. But our greater aim is to provide a safe and healing place for friends of the friendless and hope for the hopeless.


Our goal is to provide a loving, grace-filled community for the hurting and broken that reflects our relationship with Jesus, is grounded in God’s grace, and leads to a life of authenticity, vulnerability, and transforming growth through dependence on God and interdependence on one another.

We provide resources and community for men and women who are looking for life transformation. We work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and life stories, to build genuine connection. Through these friendships, a community is built that brings strength to make real and lasting life changes.

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Along with the “Basics,” change begins with connection. Shepherd’s House Ministries provides a loving, grace filled community leading to transforming growth.



We believe lives can change within a loving, grace filled community that reflects our relationship with Jesus, is grounded in God’s grace, and leads to a life of authenticity, vulnerability, and transforming growth through dependence on God and interdependence on one another.



Shepherd’s House Ministries provides a healing environment that is a confessing community where grace flows freely, forgiveness and redemption are experienced, people feel safe, authenticity is the norm, trust flourishes, successes are celebrated, people choose personal responsibility, and protective love is an everyday lifestyle.



Our long-term program is built around a nine month to two year six phase program that has proven to be very effective in helping people break the cycle of homelessness, pain, and hopelessness.



The individuals who comes to Shepherd’s House Ministries vary in age from 18 to 70; they have varying life experiences including education, work history, church, and family experience; they vary with life struggles including financial, addiction, physical health, and mental health; and they also vary with capacity and resources including family, professional, community, and church. A nine month program may be too short from some, and a two year program may be too long for others. This is why we provide a phase program that is not restrained only by time.


“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety. It’s connection.” ― Johann Hari

It is our goal that life beyond Shepherd’s House Ministries is lived together with God and with others. To this end, we are seeking community living opportunities (5 – 6 bedroom homes; duplexes, tri-plexes, etc).

The intersection of Grace, Truth, and Time is where internal transformation is free to happen. Our hope is that transforming growth will continue outside of the walls of Shepherd’s House Ministries and throughout our community.


Our six phase program recognizes progression of understanding and recovery, which was also identified by the Engel Scale of Spiritual Decision. Beginning with “Orientation” and ending with “Service,” each phase builds upon the previously completed phase while focusing on specific areas of personal growth. We strive to foster personal growth through a number of resources and activities.


Extended Living Housing is for men who have graduated from our Life Change program. It gives these men the opportunity to continue to live in community. Extended Living Housing is designed on the core values learned in our Life Change program:

1. God’s Grace
2. Live with nothing hidden
3. Teachable spirit and willingness to change
4. Interdependence upon God and others
5. Self Evaluation

Shepherd’s House Ministries Extended Living Housing allows graduates to have secure and safe housing while continuing to learn and experience the power of a grace filled community.


Shepherd’s House Ministries creates a confessing community grounded in God’s grace that leads to a life of authenticity, vulnerability, and transforming growth through dependence on God and interdependence on one another. We live life together. We learn together; we work together; and we have fun together.



One of the cornerstones of our long-term program are our mentors from the Central Oregon community who are friends walking along side those we serve. Lifelong relationships are built based on time together, trust, and authenticity.



Both staff and volunteers, including trained professionals, pastors, and educators, teach a variety of classes including addiction recovery, anger management, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Realty Therapy and Choice Theory, and Bible studies.



At Shepherd’s House Ministries, we strive to feed the hungry and to shelter the homeless, but our deeper aim is to walk alongside the hurting and the needy to effectively address the life-controlling issues that perpetuate long-term cycles of pain and homelessness.



Everyone has a personal place of healing, a place for rest, and a place to find salvation. Shepherd’s House Ministries believes that the outdoors can be a place for all this and more.



Our goal at Shepherd’s House Ministries is to create a safe and healing environment where the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ flow freely to free hearts and transform lives from the inside out. Studying God’s Word allows time for this discovery, healing, and transformation.



Guest speakers provide an additional level of equipping within Shepherd’s House Ministries. By sharing their stories, their wisdom, and their words from God, our guest speakers captivate an audience that is hungry for healing.



Jesus has taken the “S” out of the curse. “The Cure” by John Lynch, Bruce McNicol, and Bill Thrall is one of the resources we use at Shepherd’s House Ministries. The book challenges readers to consider living out of who God says we are—saints living with Christ in us. The greatest healing each of us can experience is found in authentic relationships—living without masks, with nothing hidden.



Built on the foundation of God-healed hearts—not modified behaviors—Shepherd’s House Ministries explores opportunities and discovers solutions. A simple Band-Aid of social services will not heal deep wounds. To help our residents continue to live transformed lives, we actively seek employment opportunities for our residents.



Graduation is the celebration of time and place between what has been completed and what is to come. We have graduations at least once per year.
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