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Safe and Secure

A Campaign to Help Women and Children Thrive in a Safe and Loving Environment

The Women and Children who come to us for help deserve the best. They deserve a safe and secure experience that addresses their physical, emotional, and spiritual health and vitality. Our Safe and Secure Summer Campaign will seek to address these important elements for the many women and children who come to us for help. Join us in raising money to provide basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter, and critical services and infrastructure improvements by giving the women and children we serve the most safe and loving environment possible.

Our financial goal for this campaign: $150,000 to be raised by September 30th, 2021

How You Can Help

Funding will be used in 4 focus areas


We will provide Basic life-giving support like food, clothes, mental health support, counseling services, and basic life care.


We will purchase helpful curriculum for Echo-Wellness, Mental Health, and Personal Development.


We will install outdoor lighting for or facility, a security camera system, upgraded door security, computer upgrades and install safety fencing and locks all to create a much safer atmosphere for those women and children that access our services.


Some of our infrastructure is in critical need of repair (transformation) including our women’s bathrooms, counseling offices, and some appliance upgrades.

How You Can Help