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Transformation at Juniper Ridge: Hope and Hard Work Lead to Opportunity

Mobile Outreach March 2034 Update By: Tim Ellis – Project SHARE Coordinator For the past six months, the Project SHARE van has been a beacon of hope for a family of five living at Juniper Ridge, just north of Bend. Christopher, Janis, and their three children have called this encampment home for several months. Despite […]

Known & Be Known – Volunteer Spotlight

Know and be Known.     As humans, we yearn to be known. Volunteering alongside Shepherd’s House Ministries, Wes feels appreciated and known. That same feeling is mutual for countless others who may not always feel valued as individuals due to their circumstances in our society. “When I’m walking down the street, and I encounter […]

Tapestry of Emotions That is Quintessentially Shepherd’s House

On the 8th of December, the incredible team at Abi’s House, consisting of the dedicated staff members Kacia and Cat, alongside the longstanding volunteer Lisa, embarked on a heartfelt journey from Bend to Albany. Their destination was the home of Kimmy, a cherished individual who holds a special place in the Abi’s House family. Kimmy, […]