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The Women and Children’s Program

The Women and Children’s Center at Shepherd’s House Ministries offers a transformational community of grace for women and children, helping to break the cycle of pain and hopelessness.

This community of women experiences life together in a safe environment where they are guided through the process of overcoming traumas and related harmful behaviors, such as addiction.

The Women & Children’s Center can house up to 9 individuals and is tucked away into a quiet neighborhood offering a haven for women to slow down and take a deep breath. Once the basic needs of food and shelter are met, these women can finally step out of “survival mode” and begin the journey to healing and growth.

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Daily activities include self-evaluation process groups, psychoeducation classes, mindfulness groups, eco-wellness, house chores, meetings with mentors, counseling, case management, and personal time for reflection. Staff and volunteers get to help these women on a daily basis to reach their potential and grow in ways they would not have thought were possible. Class materials are lived out among the staff, volunteers, and residents as they navigate building healthy relationships, learn about boundaries, handling conflict, finding balance, and rebuilding personal identities beyond the painful patterns of the past.

Volunteer mentors serve to build genuine friendships that provide these women with a chance to have normal, everyday fun.

Whether grabbing coffee, cooking a meal together, or having a game night, these relationships are an integral part of building an authentic connection in the local community. This ultimately creates a sense of belonging and worth as a member of society.

The Women and Children Center’s plays a vital role in the lives of those in need and an inspiring call to action for all those seeking to make a difference in our community.

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Within the walls of the Women & Children’s Center, we find a connection that is hard to understand without experiencing it for yourself. As they walk alongside each other, residents, staff, and volunteers challenge each other to dig deeper and to be vulnerable. In this setting, women who have never experienced true acceptance and unconditional love find themselves slowly letting others in and being transformed by genuine support.

It is a truly inspiring atmosphere, where women reestablish their sense of self and are built up by each other. With grace and connection at the center, the Women & Children’s Center is far more than a long-term life recovery program – it is a family.