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Extended Living Communities

Graduates have the option of entering one of our clean and sober Extended Living Communities. These homes serve as a helpful stepping stone back into normalization. Most graduates living in one of our homes re-join the workforce, start back at school, and journey among other graduates who are now living out a new set of values that include community, connection, and authenticity.

  1. God’s Grace
  2. Live with nothing hidden
  3. Teachable spirit and willingness to change
  4. Interdependence upon God and others
  5. Self Evaluation
Blog about Homelessness at Shepherds House Ministries Bend Oregon

Several of our Extended Living Community members work in the Shepherd’s House shelter systems, helping others in Redmond and Bend who are experiencing the very same hardships they faced when they were homeless. By giving back in this way, they are able to offer relevant and compassionate care to others, contributing to society in a thoughtful way, while also earning a paycheck to fulfill other obligations.

The Extended Living environment includes regular guidance from key Shepherd’s House leadership, community meals and outings, and regular life experiences in a clean and sober living environment, all in a highly supportive atmosphere.