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Tapestry of Emotions That is Quintessentially Shepherd’s House

On the 8th of December, the incredible team at Abi’s House, consisting of the dedicated staff members Kacia and Cat, alongside the longstanding volunteer Lisa, embarked on a heartfelt journey from Bend to Albany. Their destination was the home of Kimmy, a cherished individual who holds a special place in the Abi’s House family. Kimmy, a former resident, intern, and staff member at Abi’s House, is currently under palliative care, bravely facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Upon arriving at Kimmy’s residence, they were enveloped in a warm embrace, greeted not only by Kimmy but also by her mother, radiating positivity and cheer. With profound solidarity and love, the group took Kimmy to her favorite eatery, the charming local spot known as BakerzDozen, the only place in Albany to get a burger and a donut. In an outpouring of affection, Kimmy was presented with thoughtful gifts and cards from friends, past residents, and the compassionate staff and volunteers of Abi’s House and Shepherd’s House Ministries. Around a shared meal, they delved into a profound connection, baring their souls to one another. Laughter and tears intertwined, creating a tapestry of emotions quintessentially Shepherd’s House – open, honest, and vulnerable. As the visit drew to a close, Kimmy, touched to her core, expressed, “I always knew I had a supportive community in Shepherd’s House, but today, you all showed me just how deeply I am loved. I love you.” In unanimous agreement, they pledged to meet again, whether “here, there, or in the air,” confident in the enduring bond that transcends time and space.