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Lighthouse Navigation Center FAQ

Lighthouse Navigation Center FAQ

What is The Lighthouse Navigation Center?

A 24/7 care and support facility for people who are currently experiencing houselessness in Central Oregon. 

Who is allowed to stay at The Lighthouse Navigation Center? 

We welcome people of all genders who are 18 and older, including couples and families. Unaccompanied minors are welcome, however, for additional support we contact law enforcement and local agencies committed to supporting unhoused minors. We are a low-barrier facility, meaning we do not require sobriety and welcome people as they are.  Well behaved pets are welcome. 

Can someone be removed from The Lighthouse Navigation Center?

Yes. At times, for the purpose of maintaining safety for the community, we trespass people from the property for a duration of time. We are committed to helping such people regain access to our services through the process of Relational Restoration. This process is rooted in the practice of restorative justice with the hope of repairing relationship and reestablishing safety for the individual and community. For additional questions please inquire about our trespass policy and relational restoration process.

How will The Lighthouse Navigation Center create and maintain a safe environment? 

To maintain a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment, all participants sign a Relational Agreement that outlines the behaviors and actions we choose to participate in. The agreement includes the values of our immediate neighbors and the greater community of Bend. Threatening or violent behavior will be engaged and dissolved or removed from the facility. Weapons, alcohol, marijuana, and illegal drugs are not allowed. Our staff is onsite 24/7 to support residents, and we partner with security to maintain safety for our community and neighbors. For additional questions please refer to our Relational Agreements and list of Prohibited Items.

What are the hours and location for the shelter? 

We are located at 275 NE 2nd Street in Bend, OR 97701. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however, we are only open for intakes between the hours of 7:00am – 10:00pm. We welcome people on a walk-up basis and take referrals from community service agencies and resource providers. You can reach us directly at 541-318-0729.

How does someone get a bed at The Lighthouse Navigation Center? 

Beds are guaranteed for people who stayed with us the previous night. Open beds are given to people who did not stay with us the previous night. If no beds are available, we invite people to stay overnight in our warming area where they can rest on couches or comfy chairs. There is no limit regarding length of stay. 

What services are offered at The Lighthouse Navigation Center? 

  • Safe and welcoming space to rest and heal.
  • Overnight access to a bed and bedding.
  • Limited storage for personal belongings.
  • Clean clothing.
  • Restrooms and access to basic hygiene supplies.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided onsite. Takeaway lunch provided upon request.
  • Case management, peer support, and onsite access to local resource providers.