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Mobile Case Management February Update

On Monday, my client, a grandmother, arrived at our shower truck with her partner and her grandson. She was hoping for a warm shower, clean clothing, and food. Later she left with a motel room for her and her grandson. Days before, my client’s trailer had been stolen from her campsite at Juniper Ridge and stripped of everything she owned. She believed her only choice was to sleep in her car with her grandson. After hearing her story John Lodies and I were able to team up with J bar J’s new program, which helps families with children overcome obstacles and work toward self-sufficiency and find safe housing  We have successfully diverted several families into this program since its inception.

-Sharon Buell Mobile Case Manager

February Stats:

  • Average 85 showers per week (Shower Truck)
  • Average 36 volunteer hours a week
  • Average 126 direct services provided by case manger during February

Donation Request:

  • Bike carts
  • Socks/ underwear
  • gift cards/ gas / fast food resturants