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Transformation at Juniper Ridge: Hope and Hard Work Lead to Opportunity

Mobile Outreach March 2034 Update

By: Tim Ellis – Project SHARE Coordinator

For the past six months, the Project SHARE van has been a beacon of hope for a family of five living at Juniper Ridge, just north of Bend. Christopher, Janis, and their three children have called this encampment home for several months. Despite the hardships of their situation, they’ve persevered, supported by the van’s consistent delivery of supplies and dedicated case management.

Christopher, who had been struggling with discouragement about his prospects, recently received a life-changing opportunity. Today, I learned that he secured a job. During a meeting with his new supervisor—who visited the camp—I was able to witness a moment of validation for Christopher’s hard work and potential. The supervisor shared that Christopher’s performance has been exemplary despite initial hesitations about employing someone from the homeless community.

This job represents more than just employment; it’s a stepping stone toward stability for Christopher and his family. It’s heartening to see their resilience beginning to pay off. As a member of the Project SHARE team, I feel immensely hopeful and gratified to be a part of their journey toward a stable future. This progress uplifts them and strengthens our commitment to supporting others in similar situations. Your continued support is crucial in making these success stories possible.