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Volunteer Spotlight – “It’s all about building meaningful connections.”

“It’s all about building meaningful connections.” Dart Eastwood is a familiar face at Shepherd’s House Ministries locations, leaving a lasting impression with her distinctive pixy haircut, warm hugs, and relatable stories. Whether interacting with emergency shelter guests, long-term residents, volunteers, or staff, Dart maintains a consistent approach devoid of varying levels of respect or impatience. Her goal is simple: to foster relationships with everyone she encounters.

Dart’s involvement extends beyond just one Shepherd’s House Ministries site. She dedicates time to serving meals at the Lighthouse Navigation Center, teaching at Abi’s House Women and Children’s Center, and up to the Grand Opening of the Redmond Center in November, Dart was actively engaged with the cold weather shelter in Redmond for several years. When asked about her extensive involvement, Dart shared her journey, starting with her association with Real Life Church in Bend. Through Bible study, she built connections with residents and staff at the Men’s Center, leading to a transformative friendship that eventually blossomed into marriage.

Dart’s commitment to living relationally and her marriage to the Director of Low Barrier Service for SHM have inspired her to serve wherever she goes. Her most impactful relationships, she emphasizes, are with guests at the Shepherd’s House emergency low-barrier shelters. Dart emphasizes that the purpose of the shelters is not to prove the ministry’s worthiness or fix the individuals seeking help. Instead, the focus is on welcoming them with love and respect, establishing relationships built on trust, and aiding them in meeting their physical needs.

In Dart’s view, these relationships are akin to tending a garden, where sometimes seeds are planted, sometimes sprouts are watered, and sometimes sunlight aids growth. However, she underscores the lack of control in the process, acknowledging a higher power with transformative plans. Dart volunteers out of a genuine love for people, wanting them to recognize and feel the love they deserve.

If you would like to volunteer contact: Laurel Waring at [email protected] or call 541.388.2096 x215