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Shelter in Bend

Our philosophy of emergency shelter services understands that at the threshold of our mission is to bring aid and hope to the most vulnerable of Central Oregon’s homeless community. Emergency Services primarily serve persons who would have neither shelter nor the everyday needs that most take for granted: food, a place to sleep, clothing, showers, and bathroom facilities.  We do this as a way to help sustain life and bring basic human dignity to all, including those unable to provide for themselves.  Our approach is to love people well, no matter the condition they arrive in, without judgment or harshness, and with the strong belief that people can find a better path.  

Our hope for those we serve does not end at the basics. We work towards a meaningful relational connection where trust is fostered and change can begin to occur. As people feel valued and cared for, what emerges is a deeper interest and motivation to seek meaningful help to improve their lives.  Our guests learn that they can be loved and belong and no longer have to remain disconnected, living on the margins of society.  This core change in their value and their view of themselves create a reinvigorated determination to move beyond the conditions that their afflictions impose, acquiring courage and belief in themselves.  Their afflictions will no longer seem invincible and will no longer be accepted. This is where true transformation occurs.  

Available in Bend

Bend Emergency

275 2nd Street


We provide dinner and breakfast along with other services like clothing, showers on certain days, and consistent care through relational connection.

Hours of Operation

6 pm to 7 am, 7 days a week