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Hope Given = Hope Forward

On day one, Claire stepped through the doors of Shepherd’s House with her little daughter in one hand and the lifelong challenges of addictions and dysfunction in the other. As she began immersing herself in the long-term program at the Women and Children Center, she began to work through and grow past the hurdles holding her back and was allowed to see what the hope of a better life could be like. After working through several of the phases of growth the SHM program offers a unique opportunity opened for Claire for a housing voucher, which is next to impossible to acquire in Central Oregon. Walking alongside the housing voucher process, Claire and her daughter started on that path of hope she first dreamed of. On December 15, 2022, she joined us for our Family Dinner, a smile beaming from ear to ear. She spoke of lately getting a job with Best Care, where she will serve as an addiction counselor, and now feels like she can get back in the same way she was given. We are so proud of Claire and her progress.