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Lighthouse February Update

We would be remiss not to grieve the loss of Craig Coyner both from our community here at The Lighthouse and from our Bend community. Craig stayed with us for his last few months of life and was a joyful presence despite suffering tremendous physical health challenges. Our team was able to successfully connect him with medical care and began the process of helping him move toward a healthier state. Unfortunately, he ended up in the hospital and passed a few weeks later. However, he was able to maintain sobriety and reconnect with his daughter and other family members in his final days. Craig will be remembered here at The Lighthouse for his gentle presence, joyful demeanor, and quick wit. We are collectively grieving his loss and grateful for the opportunity to know and care for him.

Evan Hendrix The Lighthouse Associate Director

February Stats:

  • 13 participants transitioned into more stable housing.
  • 291 unique individuals accessing daytime services.
  • 116% overnight occupancy.

Donation Request:

  • Backpacks
  • Mens Jeans: 28-36, Womens Jeans: 2-6
  • Large men’s boots

Noteworthy Dates:

  • Haircuts offered by NeighborImpact volunteers on March 28th @ 1:00p.