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Project SHARE Extends a Helping Hand: A Tale of Resilience and Community Support

On our weekly outreach to China Hat, we ran into a woman named DJ, who we knew. When checking in with her, I discovered another person we knew had their trailer burned down. Thankfully, Levi wasn’t there, but his dog was stuck inside. Our friend Levi lost all he had and his best friend. DJ was also doing poorly, as she had witnessed the place go up and heard the dog inside.

We went and visited the camp. It was bleak, but Levi was there. After talking with him, we left and gathered items to help from donated items: a tent, a sleeping bag, a water jug, some tarps, a grill, and a few other things.

When we returned to drop it off, we had to track him down and find him with friends comforting him and keeping him busy. These friends were excited to see us and were glad we could give Levi some provisions to keep him safe. It turned out that those friends also needed some provisions, so we hung out and handed out more items.

-Tim Ellis Project

SHARE Coordinator