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Education is the key to understanding how we can better serve our community.

Zeke Brings a Gift to the Homeless

Zeke Brings a Gift to the Homeless Zeke’s inspiring story has been floating around on Facebook, and we wanted to share the whole story with you. One day as Zeke was driving with his parents they were stopped at an intersection where a homeless man was standing with a sign. Curious, Zeke asked what the […] Read More

Building Safe Relationships at the Women & Children’s Center

Building Safe Relationships Our Women & Children’s Center is truly a safe haven for women and children in Central Oregon who have been living in dangerous and often violent situations. When facing trauma, addiction, and abuse there is often nowhere for these women to turn where they feel protected and accepted enough to address and […] Read More

Misti’s Unexpected Choice – The Real-Life Impact of True Healing

Misti’s Unexpected Choice – The Real-Life Impact of True Healing   You may remember Misti’s story from this summer – an inspiring example of the healing that is taking place at our Women & Children’s Center. She and her 3-year-old son, Jaxon, has been on a journey toward a bright future ever since she entered […] Read More

cash at smith rock

Brian’s Story: No Shame at Smith Rock

Brian’s Story: No Shame at Smith Rock It is no secret that Cash Lowe, our Organizational Chaplain, is an avid outdoorsman. Nature is a haven for him, like so many others – a place to find peace, comfort, to challenge yourself and to expand. The programs at Shepherd’s House Ministries have a large outdoor activity […] Read More

man at shepherds house ministries

Bringing Tyler Home

Bringing Tyler Home This October we are raising funds for our Men’s Center where staff and volunteers have been watching lives transform for years. Curt, our executive director, has witnessed immeasurable healing in the lives of guys since the very beginnings of this ministry. In a recent interview with Curt, he recounts the story of […] Read More

vinnies story - staying sober

Vinnie’s Story: Growing Forward

Vinnie’s Story: Growing Forward Vinnie came to the Men’s Center at Shepherd’s House Ministries about 9 months ago. I sit with him at the cafe next door to the shelter on Division, and I can tell he is nervous but his smile is genuine and his eyes are warm. Vinnie has a story to share, […] Read More

Mike Yunker shares his experience

A Restored Identity – The Power of The Right Community

Restoring Identity – The Power of the Right Community 5 months ago, a man from Salem joined the Men’s Center as a last resort. “We knew we were his last hope.” Arriving broken and lost, he was carrying the weight of trauma and pain that is not unique to the individuals we serve. The hopelessness […] Read More

A Story of Transformation: Darin’s Story

A Story of Transformation: Darin’s Story We shared a bit of Darin’s journey last year when he was first joining the Men’s Center here at Shepherd’s House Ministries. Now, he shares a story of total surrender, of reconnection. Losing Everything My parents were drug users and life was really tough.  I was in and out of […] Read More